Mazda3 Service Specials in Arlington, Texas

December 17th, 2019 by

Is your Mazda3 in need of service? Maybe it’s time for an oil change, or perhaps your car is due for a wheel alignment. Sure, we might be in Texas, but we still experience cooler temperatures, so maybe you’ve been thinking about winterizing your Mazda in Arlington but haven’t quite gotten around to it yet?

Regardless of your vehicle service needs, there’s a good chance that Hiley Mazda of Arlington is running a service special to lend a helping hand to your holiday-burdened wallet. You can check out our service specials page on our website, but here’s a taste of our current offers available through January 3rd, just in case you see something that fits your needs:

  • Oil change and tire rotation special: $54.99 for standard oil or $75.99 for synthetic, our Hiley Mazda technicians will replace the engine oil and filter, as well as inspect and rotate your tires.
  • Four-wheel alignment special: For just $79.95, we’ll inspect and adjust the camber, caster, and toe of each wheel, inspect your Mazda’s suspension components and steering linkage, inspect your tires and adjust inflation as necessary, properly align your vehicle according to manufacturer specifications, and complete a road test to ensure service quality.
  • Mazda battery special: Been a while since you’ve replaced your battery? Take 10% off the price of a new, genuine Mazda battery.
  • Lifetime tire rotations: Enjoy complimentary tire rotations for the life of your new tires when you buy a set of four new tires from Hiley Mazda of Arlington.
  • Cooling system special: For just $99.95, our technicians will inspect and drain your Mazda’s cooling system, pressure test and refill with up to two gallons of genuine Mazda coolant, and we’ll check other fluids, wiper blades, and drive belts.

There are plenty more service specials to be had right now at Hiley Mazda of Arlington. Take advantage of our specials and get your much-needed service on your Mazda3.

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