How to Become a Better Driver

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Admit it. You have some bad driving habits. Maybe you roll through stop signs now and then, or sometimes you blow off using your signal. Learn how to become a better driver with these tips that will help you stay safer on the streets of Mansfield and Fort Worth.

Everyday Hazards

In residential areas, you’re likely to find kids on bikes and scooters, pedestrians, and people focused on other things besides cars. In heavy city traffic, you’re going to encounter rushed drivers trying to force their way through traffic. Weather is hazardous, too. Rain and ice make speed and sudden movements treacherous. Your first order of business is to be aware of your surroundings and adjust the way you’re driving.

Safe Driving Tips

  • Stay focused. Distracted drivers are terrible drivers. It’s easy to tell when people aren’t paying attention by the way they drift in their lanes and accidentally cut people off. Put your phone away, turn down your music, or eliminate whatever is causing you to lose focus.
  • Let people pass. Just like you learned in driver’s ed, stay in the right lane and pass people as you need to. Don’t hang out in the left lane and cause people to go around on your right.
  • Don’t tailgate. Allow two to four seconds of distance between you and the car ahead of you to give yourself time to react if something happens. If you’re too close, you’re in trouble if the car in front of you stops suddenly.
  • Signal. Use your turn signal to communicate what you’re about to do, and try not to wait until the last minute. Weaving in and out of traffic without signalling is dangerous because people don’t know what you’re about to do.
  • Be smart at yellow lights. It’s usually pretty obvious what to do at a yellow light. If you have time, go. If it’s questionable, stop. Lots of accidents happen at intersections, so why take the risk of running it if it’s about to turn red.

Stay Safe with Hiley Mazda

At Hiley Mazda of Arlington, we want our customers to drive safely, defensively, and efficiently. That’s why we sell vehicles equipped with all the latest active and passive safety features. Stop by and see us anytime. We’re proud to show off our latest inventory and get you on a test drive!

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