Redesigning the Mazda6 From the Inside

Image via Flickr by Mic V

Image via Flickr by Mic V

At first glance, and even after a second look, you most likely won’t notice a difference between the 2017 Mazda6 and the 2016 version, but that doesn’t mean the changes aren’t there.Instead of doing a major redesign, Mazda decided to upgrade the interior while sticking to the well-known — and well-liked — sleek 6 look. Although they aren’t obvious to the eye, the changes bring some high-quality improvements to an already exceptional sedan.

Enhanced Control

This change is almost unnoticeable at first, but the added G-Vectoring control upgrades your steering, reducing the need for small course corrections. It also makes turns tighter and more controlled by causing a slight deceleration and shifting the weight of the car, thereby sharpening control. All this happens without you even realizing it, making the experience seamless.

Many car makers are slowly doing away with manual transmission cars, but Mazda is sticking with the manual six-speed option, which many drivers use to increase control over their vehicles. An upgraded I-Activsense increases the safety of the car; it can sense pedestrians and even scan for street signs, like those that indicate the speed limit. Automatic brakes work between 9 and 99 mph and will engage when the camera detects something in the car’s path. The car is also equipped with Lane-Keep and an Advanced Blind Spot Monitor, helping you drive even safer.

Quieter Interior

While Mazda can’t control the noise levels inside your car, the company has worked to improve the sound dampening from outside it. Better door sealing, a thicker windshield, and an option for sound blocking lamination on windows help keep out distracting road noises.

Diesel engines aren’t known for their silence, but the 6’s diesel model comes equipped with a Natural Sound Smoother that helps the engine run quieter by placing a sound dampener in the pistons and connecting rod.

Increased Comfort

When you’re driving long distances, especially with passengers, comfort is essential. Mazda has upgraded the comfort levels in the 6 to almost luxurious levels. Driving in the winter will be less of a chore with a heated steering wheel. Optional heated rear seats are another perk to add more passenger comfort. Other updates, like new Nappa leather seating and thicker stitching, add to the appeal. Legroom is plentiful, and the interior is roomy, although taller passengers may not want to sit in the back for long trips. The infotainment touch screen is now full color, and calls and audio streaming both work marvelously, helping you to focus on driving.

Mid-sized sedans used to be frumpy, boring cars, but those days are rightfully behind us. Families can ride in style and comfort now, and the 6 is one of the leading cars of its kind. The sleek look many of us have come to recognize remains, but the 2017 updates bring some terrific improvements to help Mazda maintain its place as a leader in the vehicular world.

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