Don’t Let the Texas Sun Ruin Your Mazda

Arlington enjoys around 235 sunny days every year, and the average high in July sits at a sweltering 96 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures inside your car can rise several degrees higher than that. The scorching sun can take a lot out of Texas residents, so just imagine what it’s doing to your Mazda. Note the following signs that your car is sun-damaged and the ways you can prevent problems.

Damaged Dashboard

Image via Flickr by edward Guerrero

Image via Flickr by edward Guerrero

Your Mazda’s dashboard is exposed to the sun’s rays for greater periods of time than virtually any other component, so it’s often the first place to show damage. Fading is one of the most common signs of sun damage. In time, parts of a sun-damaged dashboard may also split or crack.

Deteriorated Leather Seats

Those leather seats included in Mazda’s high-end models won’t look nearly as opulent after time spent in the sun. Your leather seats will face many of the same problems your dashboard will after prolonged sun exposure. Fading occurs in all leathers but will be most noticeable on dark seats. The sunlight will also take away the leather’s natural oils, causing the ordinarily soft material to dry, stiffen, and crack.

Ugly Paintwork

The sun’s ultraviolet rays can also attack your car’s paintwork, causing it to fade and lose its luster. Darker paint colors, including black, blue, and red, will show sun damage more than lighter colors, but if you’ve got a white Mazda, don’t think you’re off the hook. While the fading may not be as noticeable, your paint will still lose its protective qualities unless you take action. The heat your Mazda’s body absorbs can also cause unsightly staining.

You may also be surprised to hear that ultraviolet rays can also work between your Mazda’s paint job and its metal finish. This causes the paint to flake and peel. When sun damage progresses to this point, a new paint job is your only option.

Faded Plastic Parts

Your car’s plastic components are also prone to fading in direct sunlight. Don’t neglect your Mazda’s mirror covers, bumpers, finders, and luggage racks when you’re taking measures to protect your vehicle from sun damage.

Don’t Let Your Mazda Become a Victim

The most obvious way to protect your Mazda is to get it out of the sun. Keep your car in a garage or under a carport or shade sail whenever possible. Even parking in a shady spot will make a difference. If you must park in the sun, put a sunshade on your dashboard to protect it from damage.

Aftermarket treatments can also protect your Mazda from sun damage. Paint protection film keeps your paint safe from ultraviolet light, while window tinting makes it harder for those harsh rays to get inside your car and damage your upholstery. Wash your car regularly and wax at least every six months for some extra layers of protection. Interior protectant sprays and leather wipes can also put moisture back into your dashboard and leather seats.

Arlington sun can take a toll on any vehicle, but with these preventive measures, you can protect your Mazda from harmful ultraviolet rays.


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