Finance and Insurance Products Explained by an Arlington Mazda Dealership

Our Mazda dealership in Arlington, Texas uses RoadVantage for our protection plans. The protection plans and products offered by RoadVantage are some of the most well-respected - and we want to pass on the excellence to each and every one of our customers.

We offer numerous products and plans from RoadVantage, so please take a look at the plan details.

Tire and Wheel Protection

If you want to have your tires replaced at little or no cost, make sure you check out the details for this excellent tire and wheel protection plan.

GAP Protection

GAP Protection If you're ever in an accident and still owe money on your vehicle, GAP insurance will become your best friend.

Door Ding Protection

You want to keep your Mazda ding-free - and RoadVantage can help. Using a technology developed by leading automobile manufacturing known as Paintless Dent Repair, your Mazda will always look its best.

Windshield Protection

Minor repairs to your front windshield can be a pain, so this protection plan can help you get back on the road and seeing clearly.

Key Replacement Protection

If you ever lose the key to your Mazda, RoadVantage can help you get a replacement free of charge.

Theft Protection

Protecting your investment is an important part of vehicle ownership. No one wants to deal with a stolen vehicle, so RoadVantage provides multiple guaranteed products to help prevent vehicle theft.

Environmental Protection

The Environmental Protection Plan helps safeguard your vehicle against all the problems associated with driving in Texas.


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