Keep Your Parked Car Cooler This Summer

July 23rd, 2019 by

Here in the Fort Worth area, we’re no novices when it comes to heat. But while we’re all experienced at keeping ourselves cool even when the temperatures rise, some of us may be missing some important techniques for keeping our cars cool as well. In addition to being uncomfortable to get into, letting your used Mazda car or brand new Mazda SUV get overheated in the parking lot can also hurt the vehicle and lead to sun damage in the interior. Today, we wanted to share a few tips for helping keep your car cooler this summer.

We’ll skip the tricks we all know like parking your Mazda vehicle in the shade or garage whenever possible. Many people already own sunshades or visors for our windows, but if you don’t, these can make a huge difference. By reducing the amount of direct sunlight your car receives, you can keep the interior temperature lower even after hours of being parked outdoors. Whether or not you’re using a sunshade, a dash cover is a great idea as well. Not only does it help prevent cracking and fading the vinyl, it prevents you from having to come into contact with burning hot materials when you’re starting your car. Similarly, keeping a towel or piece of fabric over the steering wheel can make the process of driving a hot car a lot more pleasant. If you’re really serious about keeping your car cooler this summer, you might even consider buying a solar-powered fan, which uses the power of the sun to blow hot air out of your car and cooler air in.

Here at Hiley Mazda of Arlington, we want you to be able to enjoy even the hottest days in your Mazda3 or 2019 Mazda CX-9. Arlington, TX drivers can keep their car and themselves a little cooler this summer with a few simple tricks. Visit us to learn more about our great vehicles that will make driving fun all year long!
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