Happy National Car Care Month!

April 16th, 2019 by

Last month we encouraged drivers to do some “spring cleaning” for their Mazda cars. Maybe you joined us in doing that but know there’s more to be done. Or maybe you had a busy month and your car maintenance once again got put on the back burner. If either of those things sounds like you, then we want to wish you a Happy National Car Care Month! April is officially National Car Care Month, and it’s the perfect time to make your car a priority and help make sure you have a safe, functioning vehicle for years to come.

Over the years, the expert technicians in our Mazda service center have seen enough to know what car maintenance tasks drivers tend to overlook. For starters, there are fluids. Sure, it’s easy enough to tell when you’re low in wiper fluid, but what about antifreeze? Power steering fluid? Engine oil? Our service center can check them all and make sure you’re topped off on everything. Brakes are another thing many drivers tend to ignore until there’s a problem, but they should be checked annually to make sure they’re in tip-top shape and up to whatever you need from them.

Another important piece of preventative care is to take a look at your belts and hoses. A frayed or cracked belt could break at an inopportune moment and leave you stranded, and even do some serious damage to your vehicle. We find it’s much less stressful to make sure they’re replaced before it becomes a crisis! And in Texas, regular maintenance for your AC is a must. You may not even realize you’re not getting the cooling power you deserve, but we can help get your car ready for even the hottest summer days.

A little care goes a long way, and National Car Care Month is a great time to give your car what it needs, and we can help drivers from Arlington, Mansfield, and Fort Worth, TX. Mazda service technicians are ready and waiting to help you celebrate National Car Care Month here at Hiley Mazda of Arlington.

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