How to Increase Efficiency When Driving

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Mazda vehicles are known for their strong balance of performance and efficiency. In fact, they're the most fuel efficient cars in America. You can take that strong fuel economy and build on it by following these driving tips to improve your efficiency. You'll notice the improvement at Arlington fuel pumps next time you fill up.

Efficient Driving Tips

Try out these tips next time you're in Mansfield to see how they can lower fuel costs and help the environment:

  • One driving technique to increase fuel efficiency is to accelerate slowly. When you slam down on the gas pedal, it sends considerably more fuel to the engine than with a gradual acceleration.
  • You'll always have to use your brakes, but try to coast whenever possible. It saves you from having to accelerate as much, and it keeps your brakes in better shape.
  • Sticking to the speed limit is important for both safety and efficiency. Most vehicles are more efficient at 50 mph or below.
  • It's important to pay attention while you're driving. Safe driving reduces the chance you'll have to stop suddenly or accelerate too quickly.

How To Get Better MPG

While those driving tips will help a lot, there's other steps you can take to improve efficiency.

  • Combine Your Errands - By combining multiple errands into one trip, you can reduce the amount of mileage you travel. It's an easy way to reduce fuel costs while navigating Fort Worth.
  • Check Your Tire Pressure - Keeping your tires properly inflated is more efficient than underinflated tires, and it's safer as well.
  • Turn Your AC on at Highway Speeds - While running your air-conditioning does decrease fuel economy, it's more efficient than having your windows open at highway speeds.
  • Park in the Shade - If you park in the sun, you'll have to burn more gas to cool down the cabin when you start the vehicle back up.

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