Diagnosing Strange Car Noises

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When you notice strange car noises coming from under the hood, what should you do? Before you start to panic, it's important to pay close attention to the noises that you hear. Be specific. Do you notice a car grinding sound, a squeak from the brakes, an odd ticking that you've never noticed before? The better you can describe the noises to a qualified technician, the better off you'll be. We'll go through some of the most common strange car noises that we hear at Hiley Mazda, so you can start to narrow down the problem from home.

High-Pitched Noises

If you hear a high-pitched noise, try to figure out when you notice it occurring.

  • If you hear a squealing sound when the engine is on, your belt might be damaged and needs replacement.
  • If the high-pitched noise continues even after the engine is off, then it might be a damaged rubber gasket on the radiator pressure cap.
  • What if the squealing noise occurings during braking? You might need new brakes or brake pads. Head to the dealership!

Clicking Sounds

An unfamiliar tick-tick-tick can be worrisome, but an expert technician can easily bring the peace and quiet back to your car.

  • A ticking sound during engine idle might be a result of low oil levels. Turn off your car and wait ten minutes for the oil to settle and try again. If the ticking persists, you might need a valve adjustment.
  • A loud tapping or knocking sound from your engine is more serious. We recommend playing it safe and calling for road service. It could be a simple loose rocker arm, but it could be a faulty piston.

Lower-Pitched Noises

Lower-pitched rumbles and clunking can be a little tricky. Here are a few of the more common causes:

  • Rumbling under the vehicle can be anything from the catalytic converter to the muffler. A technician can lift the car up to get a better look.
  • Clunking under the car might be a problem with the shock absorbers and suspension, but it can also be a loose muffler or tailpipe.

Find Out More!

Visit Hiley Mazda of Arlington, serving the Fort Worth and Mansfield areas, for an in-depth diagnosis of any strange car noises you encounter! Schedule your brake service or inspection today.

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