When to Get Car Maintenance


Between work commitments and family time, it's easy to let your car maintenance schedule fall by the wayside. But with just a little planning, you might be surprised how easy it is to keep your car in top shape. Hiley Mazda of Arlington provides basic guidelines of when to get car maintenance, as well as suggestions to adjust your schedule based on different factors.

Why Get Routine Maintenance

Why is it so important to stick to a car maintenance schedule? It's crucial to have an expert look over the vital components of your car, so you can learn about small issues before they become huge headaches. In fact, the Car Care Council found that 89 percent of surveyed vehicles needed one or more repairs. Those issues could be as small as underinflated tires or as major as engine problems. And with time, these problems only get worse and worse.

How to Maintain a Car

Your car is a complicated machine, but there are many services that are easy to DIY. We recommend getting to know your car to learn exactly when to get car maintenance. Some simple procedures are fairly easy to do in your own garage, like checking your oil levels or topping off your windshield wiper fluids. Some auto enthusiasts even enjoy doing their own oil changes at home. But more complex mechanical issues, including powertrain and electronic repairs, are best left to those with expert knowledge.

Creating a Car Maintenance Schedule

While you can keep your car in great shape by sticking to the annual maintenance checklist, every vehicle is a little different. Your owner's manual is a goldmine of information, providing recommendations for everything from oil changes to windshield wiper replacements. Here are a few other tips to keep in mind while scheduling your next appointment:

  • Have you recently bought a new car? Vehicles under 36,000 miles need less maintenance than higher-mileage options.
  • Do you commute from Mansfield to Fort Worth everyday? You might need more frequent oil changes.
  • Are you heading into a new season? Be sure to check things like air conditioning and heating.
  • Are you forgetful? Look into set mileage systems or oil sensor systems on your next vehicle, which trigger automatic service reminders at certain time periods.
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