Mazda Still Looking to Make Diesel Models

The diesel vehicle industry was rocked in 2015 by the notorious Volkswagen Diesel scandal. However, Mazda is looking to restore diesel as an excellent alternative fuel source. After a few years of delays, Mazda will be bringing diesel-fueled cars to their U.S. market. With innovative designs and a strong knowledge of the expectations of the diesel market, Mazda is looking to revive the reputation of diesel vehicles and make a specialized niche for themselves within the American car market outside their already well-established brand.

Why Diesel?

Image via Flickr by Atomic Taco

Image via Flickr by Atomic Taco

Diesel is most commonly associated with trucks in America, but overseas, diesel is synonymous with luxury vehicles. Besides the performance bonus that comes with using diesel, it also typically gets the vehicles more miles to the gallon, a concern of many people looking into alternative fuel sources.

As an alternative fuel source, diesel has both pros and cons. Diesel does admit more nitrogen compounds and particulate matter as it burns. However, it also emits less carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and carbon dioxide than gasoline, making it a cleaner source of fuel, especially as a technology designed to limit emissions advances. Diesel also requires less refining than gasoline, which adds to its appeal as an alternative fuel source.

U.S. Market

Diesel-fueled vehicles have stayed relatively on the outskirts of the U.S. auto industry. Scandals involving too-high emission levels, despite manufacturer’s claims they had met compliance, caused the American people’s interest in diesel vehicles to drop. However, Mazda will be introducing two new diesel-fueled models to their already popular lineup.

The senior vice president for U.S. operations, Robert Davis, stated: “If we look at competitors in diesel in the U.S., it’s primarily luxury, and it’s primarily European luxury.” By introducing affordable diesel-fuel vehicles, Mazda will be tapping into a relatively new and underrepresented market. The U.S. market has already proven itself willing to try alternative fuels with the booming hybrid and electric car market, giving hope to those who see diesel as the next step towards cleaner fuel sources.

What Does This Mean for Mazda?

Mazda’s largest competition has always been the Japanese auto market, with brands such as Honda and Toyota composing most of their competitors. By introducing diesel cars into their lineup, Mazda will be increasing their overall fuel efficiency numbers. As buyers have started paying more attention to fuel efficiency and economy, any increase in these numbers means big things for automakers.

In addition, by introducing diesel fuel as a Japanese carmaker, Mazda is giving themselves an added boost over their competitors who haven’t yet introduced these alternative fuel vehicles. Because diesel is already associated with European luxury, Mazda has created a connection between their vehicles and these high-end cars. The appeal is increased with Mazda’s affordable pricing for what should be an exciting and promising market for Mazda to fill.

By expanding into the diesel fuel market, Mazda is not only looking to make a name for themselves in a relatively undeveloped alternative fuel field, but they will also be making a name for themselves separate from their Japanese automaker competitors.

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